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Monday, March 16, 2015

Perfect shawls for a Perfect girl

A shawl is usually referred to a rectangular or square piece of cloth that is designed to be loosely worn around the neck, shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes also over the head. The English word "shawl" has been derived from the Persian word "shal", which again came from the Sanskrit word, "sati", that means "cloth". Though the exact origin of shawl is not known but, people have been using shawls since a very long period of time and it is believed that the garment might have its origin not only in India, but also in the Middle East as well. Apart from traditional style and look, shawls give warmth and have been used as a protective garment against severe cold since ancient times.

Shawls are not only used to keep the body warm, but also used to complement a costume and also for symbolic reasons. Many cultures have a tradition of producing shawls, ranging from the "tallit" of the Jews to the famous Pashminas of Kashmir. Shawls were also a part of the folk dress in various places like Germany, the Near East, Latin America, Andalusia and Madrid during certain periods of time. Indian shawls and Persian shawls are among the most popular and famous shawls in the world.

Persian shawls are well known for their intricate designs and patterns which are mostly manufactured from highly esteemed wool from Kirman goats, whereas, Indian shawls are well known for their beauty and quality. Among all other shawls produced in India, Kashmiri shawls occupy a pre-eminent place among textile industry. Kashmiri shawls are known for weaving from Pashmina wool. Pashmina is considered as the softest, most luxurious and best wool in the world. The warmest and most luxurious of all the animal fibers, the wool basically comes from the cashmere hair of a Central Asian Species of the mountain goat, colloquially known as shawl goat.

Apart from wool, silk and cotton are also used for weaving shawls of exquisite designs. In order to choose the perfect shawl, you must know what your requirement is. Shawls can be worn both at outdoor and indoor events which can provide a beautiful style statement along with a traditional touch. The finest shawls of ancient times were said to be made from materials so delicate and flexible, that the shawl could be pulled through a wedding ring without snagging. Now-a-days, with the easiness of import and export, several kinds of shawls are available in the market, all over the world. When selecting a shawl, apart from the color and design, it is always recommended that you test the weave of the fabric to make sure it is strong.

With the latest trends in fashion, shawls are worn around the body in different patterns and style. A gorgeous sari, matching jewelry, little make-up and a shawl is what you can imagine about the perfect traditional outfit that would suit in several kind of occasion, making its own style statement.

Suited makeups for Salwar Kameez

India’s best Saree, Salwar kameez and Lehenga Choli Online Shopping
"Of all the Indian wear options available for the females, the salwar kameez sounds to be the most elegant and comfortable for every woman irrespective of their age or body stats. Indian weal and specially the salwar kameez look are always incomplete without a hint of makeup. Simply to enhance your Indian features, there are some simple tips that can be worked upon with the salwar kameez look. Salwar kameez is one such type of clothing which you can wear almost everywhere. You simply have to select the right one depending upon the occasion. Like a simple and casual one with minimal makeup will do if you are going to work or have a casual meeting with friends. Similarly, a heavy dress with some bold makeup that highlights your features will be perfect. Read through the sentences that follow and you will find some great and handy makeup tips to make your salwar kameez look stay brilliant. Generally people search for Salwar Kameez online which really saves their time about finding a convenient colour.
The first thing that you need to keep in mind regarding wearing makeup with salwar kameez is that it should suit your dress. It is pointless if you over or under do the makeup as per the salwar kameez you are putting on. No matter what the occasion is or what clothes you wear one universal makeup tip that should be mandatorily used is to apply sunscreen lotion. Try skipping the foundation base specifically in the functions that take place in the day time and stick to a concealer that matches your skin tone and helps in covering the blemishes and spots to give you a flawless look. The matte look is the one which is most preferred with the salwar kameez and you can stick to it. In case you are not a fan of the completely matte or nude look, you can use the highlighter foundations as well.
When wearing a salwar kameez for a casual day out or at work, you can keep the makeup minimum yet define your look in a stylish manner. Simply using mascara, primer and a lip gloss will be good. Also depending upon the salwar kameez you wear and the occasion, a little bit of shine on your face especially in the evening would make a lot of jaws drop when they look towards you. Shades like pink on your cheeks will suit you a lot if you are going for a casual day out or at work. Similarly go for a bold look and colors like red with your heavy salwar kameez when going for a party.

Wearing perfect makeup on your eyes can turn out to be a great decision with salwar kameez. No matter what the occasion is or how heavy a salwar kameez you are putting on, mascara is always necessary to enhance your eyes. Go for a lot of water proof mascara and see the change that t brings to your boring look. With the kind of natural features that the Indian girls have, wearing kajal can be a great option. Similarly depending upon the occasion, you can also wear fake eye lashes to suit your look. Fake eye lashes look perfect in weddings, late night parties or wherever you want an elegant yet bold look in your salwar kameez. Use eye shadows that match the color or your salwar kameez and get instant glamour in your looks.
As they say lips is the second most important feature on your face after the eyes. So never leave your lips nude especially with ethnic clothes like salwar kameez. Depending upon occasion you can select the colors and also the type. When wearing a salwar kameez to office, prefer wearing the nude and natural shades of lipstick like pink or brown. Simply using the lip pencil with a gloss can also work wonders when you wish to keep your looks simple. Use bright colors like red, cherry or orange when dressing up in a heavy salwar kameez to attend a wedding or similar function.
Remember that a salwar kameez worn for any occasion gives you a mesmerizing look. So just wear some makeup and do your hair in a stylish way to compliment your dress and thence the look. 


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