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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

History of Indian Sari

Indian ancient attire, saree got highlighted at the time of Indus Valley Civilization, during 2800-1800
 BC. Indus Valley priest wearing a saree was the first portrayal of Indian saree, it was the first hint 
that emphasis on the origin as well as presence of saree in that era. Furthermore, it was the Indian 
ancient language Sanskrit that gave birth to the name of Sari or saree. Besides this, there are
various other gestures that lend hand in uncovering the history of saree. For instance women
described in elusive drapery or sari in Ancient Tamil poetry. Many sculptures from Gandhara,
Mathura and Gupta schools in 1st-6th century AD demonstrates goddesses and dancers wearing
saree. As per the accepted fact sari-like garments, shawls, and veils have been worn by women of
India, since hundreds of years. 
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Interesting Information on the Background of Sari
The history and origin of sari seems to date back to the period of the establishment of civilization. 
Evidence states that women in the Indus Valley civilization used to cover themselves with a long piece 
of cloth, draped like a trouser. However, the word ‘sari’ originated from the Prakrit word ‘sattika’, 
which is mentioned in the early Buddhist literature. The word got shortened and was called sati, which 
further evolved into sari. Read more........

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